Why All Females Need to be JUMPING on a TRAMPOLINE

In this episode, Dr. Desiree Walker discusses her own experience with jumping on a trampoline -(AKA rebounding) and how she got re-introduced to it as an adult. She talks about 8 amazing health benefits it has for overall fitness especially in females females. These include core strengthening, cardiovascular fitness, overall muscle strengthening, improvements in balance and coordination, increased bone density and pelvic floor strength, and just being out-right fun to do.
She also mentions the mini-tramp rebounder she uses at home and can be found at https://a.co/d/jaRyMQ7 As well as her in-ground trampoline https://www.capitalplay.com/?gad=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmN2iBhCrARIsAG_G2i575WOUj2RdCpgQycGv08zPMmJwAjFnVsz7MpGT_AUsr8yznJlm8-AaAsAREALw_wcB You can reach her on Instagram at @femmestrongfit


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I may have a laundry list of accolades, but I did a lot of wrong things getting there. I used to push myself to the limit with three-a-day workouts for triathlons, hours of cardio for fitness competitions, and underfueling my body. This led to injuries, surgeries, and depression because I wasn't happy with my body or the results I was getting. I reached my tipping point when I was debating dropping out of dental school due to neck and back pain.

I had been an athlete all my life and why was my body failing me? Why was I not in the shape I desired? It was pursuing these questions -my failures that I found my passion. A passion for what fitness and nutrition can do and transform for you if your approach is on point. There is a balance of hard work and self-care, and you can be laser focused on your fitness goals while staying in alignment with total body wellness. 

My story has fueled my passion to not only better my own wellness through the years, but spread awareness and help teach others how they can achieve a balanced wellness and lifestyle while still achieving their goals in a healthy and sustainable way!

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